San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group Now Offers LIPOGEMS® Regenerative Medicine Therapy

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San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group is pleased to have been the first medical center in San Diego to offer the revolutionary LIPOGEMS® Regenerative Medicine therapy.

LIPOGEMS® is an FDA approved medical device used to process regenerative cells derived from your own fat tissue. It’s used for the treatment of joint pain and tendon injuries.

Why is the LIPOGEMS® treatment so unique?
Lipogems is a game changer in Regenerative Medicine due to its cutting edge technology that uses your body’s own fat tissue to cushion and support injured areas as your body heals itself. Lipogems is an FDA-cleared medical device that is used to harvest, concentrate, and transfer autologous (your own cells) adipose tissue. The adipose tissue that is being processed by Lipogems is ‘minimally manipulated’ in accordance with FDA’s criteria for human cell and tissue products. The fat tissue can be removed from the abdomen or thigh areas. This tissue is then precisely injected into the patient’s injured areas with the use of ultrasound or x-ray guidance.

Unlike steroid or gel injections, the tissue will stay in the treated area for years allowing your body to maximize the benefits for an extended period of time. The Lipogems procedure can be performed in less than one hour in an outpatient clinical setting.

Lipogems was awarded Best New Technology in Sports Medicine in 2016 by Leading Sports Medicine Physicians.

LIPOGEMS® is a comprehensive Regenerative Medicine treatment that uses your own stem cells and their cellular ‘niche’ to maximize results. Mesenchymal stem cells require support from other cells and proteins to exert their healing benefits. Unlike other so-called ‘stem cell’ treatments, the unique advantage of LIPOGEMS® is that the complete healing environment of the fat tissue is maintained to improve cell viability and regenerative capacity.

Dissolving the fat with enzymes as occurs with stromal vascular fraction (SVF), eliminates or destroys some of stem cells and tissues required for healing. This activity is prohibited by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) without special permission or research licenses.

What are the Practical and Scientific Benefits of Adipose Tissue?

  • Research has shown that regardless of a person’s age, their fat maintains certain reparative properties unlike other tissues such as bone marrow, which may lose healing capacity with age.
  • Minimally invasive and pain-less procedure
  • Abundant number of cells unlike bone marrow or amniotic tissue
  • Contains high concentration of micro-vessels which harbor specialized healing cells such as perivascular cells, also called pericytes

What is the Lipogems® device?
The Lipogems® device is a class II A sterile medical device intended for the closed-loop processing of your own fat tissue in medical procedures involving the harvesting, concentrating and transferring of a patient’s own adipose tissue. It gently washes inflammatory impurities from the adipose tissue using saline and resizes the adipose tissue to create an optimal size to inject the Lipogems precisely into desired tissue locations by the physician.

Am I a candidate for Lipogems therapy?
Lipogems has now been successfully performed in more than 8,000 clinical cases globally.
You are a candidate if you:

  • Suffer from an injury or condition that limits your normal daily functioning due to a soft tissue defect in the tendon, ligament, muscle or joint cartilage.
  • Treatment options, such as physical therapy, medications or steroid injections have not provided permanent relief.
  • You would like to consider alternatives to a total hip, shoulder or knee joint replacement surgery.
  • You do not suffer from a severe medical illness (cancer, infection, bleeding disorder), are pregnant or breastfeeding, or unable to temporarily discontinue blood thinner medications.

Lipogems® Testimonials

Patients undergoing the Lipogems procedure at our clinic undergo a strict screening procedure to assure that they are ideal candidates for the treatment.

Within the last 23 months of tracking our outcomes, more than 90% of our patients experienced significant relief with the treatment and were reported to resume normal, pain- free physical activity. Most of our patients have been able to improve their fitness, lose weight and improve the quality of their lives in a meaningful way.

San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group is very excited to offer this Regenerative Medicine to our patients, while conducting ongoing clinical research in improving patient care and comfort.