San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group Now Offers State-Of-The-Art Medical Technology

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“We Thrive on the Cutting Edge”

Fluoroscopic Guided Procedures

Fluoroscopic (X-ray) guided procedures have become the standard of care in the treatment of spine injuries. Patient safety is assured with the use of high resolution imaging and expert physician skill. Dr. Christopher Rogers is a specialist in the performance of fluoroscopy (digital x-ray) guided spine and joint procedures. In 1996, he was the first Board Certified Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physician in San Diego to have completed an Interventional Spine Care Fellowship. This program included advanced training with evidence-based methods in the diagnosis and treatment of spine pain. Since that time, he has treated more than 18,000 people with many different causes of lower back pain.

Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound

Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Ultrasound uses high frequency sound waves to create digital images of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and nerves. This procedure provides resolution that is up to ten times that of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). The exam is performed in the office while the patient is able to observe the results in real time. The use of ultrasound guidance allows the precise, safe and comfortable injection of orthobiologics such as platelets or regenerative stem cells.

Dr. Christopher Rogers is an expert in the use of diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and ultrasound guided therapy. He has trained hundreds of physicians in the use of diagnostic ultrasound and has performed thousands of ultrasound guided procedures.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

In 2009, Dr. Rogers became one of the first physicians in San Diego to successfully treat a patient with an elbow injury by utilizing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. It is used to treat such conditions such as tendon, ligament, muscle, and nerve injuries, and joint arthritis. Dr. Rogers has performed more than one thousand ultrasound-guided PRP treatments and has trained dozens of physicians in the appropriate use of PRP therapy.

ENDORET (PRGF) Technology

Dr. Rogers was the first physician in San Diego (and the third in the United States) to treat a patient with a tendon injury using the ENDORET plasma rich growth factor (PRGF) therapy.

Endoret (PRGF) technology uses a clinically proven Platelet-Rich Plasma Processing System to produce more rapid healing and decreased pain. It is safe and versatile, with clinical efficiency in tissue healing and regeneration.

Lipogems Therapy

Lipogems is an FDA approved medical device used for the treatment of tendon, ligament and joint injuries. It uses the body’s own fat tissue to cushion and support injuries for rapid and effective healing. It is a very good option for patients wishing to avoid a total knee or total shoulder joint surgery.

Dr. Rogers is a pioneer in the use of Lipogems in the United States. He was the first physician in San Diego to successfully treat a patient with knee arthritis using Lipogems therapy. In addition, he trains physicians from around the world at The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI) training course each year.

Bone Marrow Concentrate (BMC) Therapy

Bone marrow is known to contain a variety of cells that stimulate the healing of tendon, ligament and joint injuries. Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate (BMAC) Therapy is a scientifically proven regenerative medicine therapy used for the rapid healing of moderate to severe arthritis and tendon injuries. With our advanced bone marrow harvesting procedures, we produce a more viable and healthy cellular based treatment. In our state-of-the-art lab, the harvested bone marrow cells are analyzed with flow cytometry cell counters prior to treatment in order to customize and optimize our treatment results.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a pain-free and safe method that has been used in Europe for more than two decades. This therapy has been shown in prospective clinical trials to reduce the pain and inflammation of joint arthritis. It improves systemic microcirculation, cellular detoxification, and the regeneration of bone, tendon and cartilage. It has also been proven to improve energy and decrease fatigue.


San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group physicians recognize that each person is unique. The MyBioProfile Evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation that considers each person’s unique regenerative capacity by analysis of your anatomy, biomechanics and cellular biochemistry. This evaluation allows your team of doctors to modify and customize your treatment plan to ensure optimal and long lasting results.

Virtusense 3D Motion Analysis

Virtusense 3D motion Analysis is an advanced method of motion capture of your entire musculoskeletal system. It uses laser tracking without any sensors on the body, plus it is safe for the eyes. Different movements such as bending, squatting, lunges, joint mobility and rotary stability are monitored to measure treatment improvements and sports performance.

While other medical clinics simply focus on your symptomatic joint, the San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group uses motion analysis to understand how your injury relates to the other joints in your body. Extremely precise measurement of movement restrictions and muscle imbalances can identify risk factors for a repeat injury.

Advanced Laboratory Testing

Your comprehensive evaluation will include advanced laboratory testing of micronutrients, systemic inflammation and biomarkers of regenerative potential. This allows your physician to make customized dietary and supplement recommendations to enhance your response to Regenerative Medicine Therapies.


Our facility has some of the most advanced Regenerative Medicine technologies available in San Diego. We provide many diagnostic tests and advanced Regenerative Medicine not available at any other clinic. Every treatment is performed by a board certified Regenerative Medicine physician with advanced ultrasound or fluoroscopic imaging training. We look forward to seeing you soon at the San Diego Orthobiologics Medical Group where customized care and excellent results are our top priority.